stonington search partners has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the staffing industry. we are part of a national group of leading search firms and communicate with each other to fill your positions faster and more effectively than the competition.

one of the things we are most proud of at stonington search partners is our interview-to-placement-ratio. this ratio describes the system wide average number of interviews it takes to successfully place a candidate into a job. this ratio can tell you a great deal about the recruiting company with whom you are working.

the industry average interview to placement ratio is currently 10:1.
at stonington search partners, our 4:1 ratio is among the best - great news for both hiring managers and candidates. this means that we protect the time of our hiring managers by making sure they are only speaking with qualified individuals who are ready to make a career move for the right opportunity. for candidates it means we protect your time and energy as well – only sending you on interviews for which you are well qualified.